Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All New X-men #1 Preview: More Promise and More Bullshit

A while back, I did a post on some previews for All New X-men #1 that had been recently released by Marvel. Not content to merely offer fans a whiff of the shit they have planned, a few more panels have been released. I meant to post them sooner, but I wasn't sure how much more Marvel was going to post. That and I may have gotten drunk again. Okay, so maybe one was more a factor than the other. But the fine folks at Newsarma have compiled all the images released thus far and the scripts. I'll leave it to my wonderful readers how much it soaks their panties.

Page 16-17:

4- Iceman is next to Hank, who leans on the blackbird.  Trying to disguise [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]... And says it.

The thing is Ororo, I've known Scott longer than ANYONE.

Me AND Hank.

We've known him forever.  We were the ORIGINAL X-Men.

The Scott we grew up with - he would HATE this.

Page 15:

5- Ororo is angry and the sky behind her is dark purple wind and lightening.  The wind is insane.



I know, Kitty.

But a fight like this will end in half the mutants dead and half the world hating us.

All we’ve been doing here will have been for nothing.

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