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X-men Supreme Issue #66: The Phoenix Saga Part 4 PREVIEW!

Halloween is over, but the horror is just getting warmed up in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series! The X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga continues to unfold, bringing to this fanfiction series a cosmic level threat the likes of which the X-men have never seen before. In the latest issue, the X-men were betrayed by one of their former teammates, Emma Frost. Now much of the team along with the ailing Jean Grey, who has been having ominous visions for a great deal of X-men Supreme Volume 3: Ashes of Hope, have been abducted by the Inner Circle. Led by the likes of Sebastian Shaw and Selene, this mysterious group has already caused problems for the X-men. It was Sebastian Shaw who orchastrated the ill-fated incident in the Partners In Madness arc. Now their agenda and the devious extent to which they'll go to attain it will be revealed! The X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga is entering a volatile new stage and Phoenix fans and X-men fans of all stripes should enjoy the big moments to come! As such, I've prepared an extended preview of this action-packed issue of X-men Supreme.

“Errrrrr! Out of my way!” roared Wolverine.

“We got company! Begin emergency lockdown!” yelled one of the guards.

All nearby guards had little time to be shocked at the sight of a very angry-looking figure landing right on one of their comrades. Immediately, the five other guards convened on the path leading to the front door. Getting in low, they took aim with their weapons. However, the threat of gunfire did little to dissuade Wolverine. He kept charging face right into their line of fire.

“Shoot him! Shoot him! Take that creature down!” yelled one of the guards.

On that order, the guards and their reinforcements opened fire. The guards with the Uzis fired first, sending a shower of bullets towards the raging Wolverine. Now nearly lost in his berserker rage, he was slowed only briefly as a half dozen rounds ripped through his flesh. His determination and healing factor kept him going though and he leaped into the air above the line of fire and descended towards the platoon of guards with his claws drawn.

The guards watched with dread as they fell back while trying to redirect their weapons, but they weren’t fast enough. Wolverine landed right in the middle of their formation and went on a tear, stabbing two guards right in the chest and back kicking two more. One tried to hit him over the head with the butt of his gun, but Logan was able to counter with a spin moved followed by an arm grab. After a quick knee to the gut, the guard was down for the count.

“Is this the best you can do, Shaw?!” he yelled out with the body of six guards lying in his wake.

Almost immediately, he got his response. The front doors to the manor burst open and more guards stepped out. Only these guards were much more menacing. They were the same masked guards he saw with Shanobi in Panama and looked much more intent on bringing him down. They were also better armed. Each guard was wielding what appeared to be a night stick, only this one was glowing with intense blue sparks.

“This is as far as you go, animal!” one of the guards said, “Our orders are to terminate trespassers on sight!”

“Go ahead and try! I dare you!” spat Wolverine.

With another primal roar, the former living weapon charged the masked guards. This time, they were ready for him. The first ones managed to dodge his initial attacks and get in a quick blow with their energy sticks. When Logan felt them, it was like a huge shock to the system. Having metal bones sure didn’t help either. It was even worse than getting shot, but he couldn’t afford to be slowed down at this point. Ignoring the pain, he kept fighting.

Gritting his teeth, he slashed with his claws at the two masked guards that struck him. The first slash destroyed their energy sticks. The next severed an arm of one of the guards and an ensuing roundhouse kick took out the other. But there were still plenty of masked personnel to go through. While still stunned, they all surrounded him and began countering with an attack of their own. They didn’t give him anywhere to maneuver. There would be no cover or escape. It was just him versus them.

Still working off his berserker rage, Wolverine began another attack. This time he was met with a far more forceful response. Three masked guards coordinated to strike him simultaneously with their energy sticks. As if one wasn’t painful enough, three really sent Wolverine into a world of hurt.

“Arrrrgggghhhhhh!” he roared in pain.

“Keep going! Don’t let up!” said a masked guard.

More joined in the assault. Soon there were six masked guards striking the feral mutant with their energy sticks at once. Wolverine tried to fight them off, landing a few kicks and slashes. It wasn’t enough. The shocks were too powerful and his healing factor wasn’t able to heal him fast enough. His flesh became charred and his muscles convulsed, making it difficult for him to keep his bearings.

“Hrrrrrrrr! Can’t...won’t...stop!” he roared.

“Shut up, peasant!” spat one of the masked guards just as he struck him on the head.

Logan let out more pained howls. It seemed as though Shaw was ready for an attack. His men were armed with just the right tools to take down someone like him. Gritting his teeth in agony, Logan stayed on his feet and slashed through a couple more energy sticks. But more reinforcements came. Soon he had nearly a dozen masked guards surrounding him on all sides. They all ganged up on him, beating him with their weapons and kicking him in the newly created wounds. Eventually, it became too difficult for him to stand. His enraged state kept him conscious, but it could not keep him fighting.

Finally, he fell flat on his face as four energy sticks struck him on the back at once. This sent a paralyzing surge through his body, causing all his limbs to fail him. Even when he was down, they kept striking him. These guys were not taking any chances.

“Hnn…can’t pass out!” he grunted, “Must…get to…Jeannie…and Ro.”

“You’re not going anywhere!” spat a masked guard as he struck him in the heat.

“AUGH!” yelled Logan, feeling half his face bruised by the blow.

“Bosses orders are to terminate on sight,” said another, gripping his weapon intently, “We were warned that you X-men were pretty resilient. We can do this all night if we have to. We can go until there’s no flesh left on your bones!”

“That…supposed to…scare me?” grunted Wolverine.

“It should give you an idea of what you’re in for!” said another, “His majesty requested that no one interrupt. And his decree must be obeyed!”

The original Phoenix Saga, written by Chris Claremont, is a very special story in the history of X-men. I understand that for X-men fans of every generation, it is an integral part of the X-men. So far, I've received positive feedback for what I've been doing thus far. The volume of feedback still isn't that great, but I have been getting more attention now that I'm taking on the Phoenix Saga in this fanfiction series. The biggest moments for my Phoenix Saga are yet to come and I eagerly await the reactions to those moments. As such, I strongly encourage everyone to take the time to review my X-men Supreme Phoenix Saga and my fanfiction series in general. I can always be reached through my contact page here on this site and if you leave feedback on each issue, I will be happy to address it. I hope X-men fans of all kinds enjoy my Phoenix Saga and the X-men Supreme fanfiction series in general. Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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