Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July From X-men Supreme!

Greetings all my wonderful readers and fellow comic book fans! I'm done for reviews this week, but since it happens to be a holiday for those of us here in the United States of (Corporate) America, I feel obliged to wish everyone a safe (but not too safe), happy (by happy I mean drunken), and enjoyable (meaning no work or stress) holiday!

Like this.
I also want to take this opportunity to let everyone know that my review for for All New X-men #13 was pushed back because of the holiday. It will be out on July 8th and I will post it on this blog once it is released. Also, the new issue for X-men Supreme Issue 78: The Lotus and the Warrior Part 1 is on schedule for release tomorrow! No holiday will hinder X-men Supreme on my watch, that you can be sure of.

Now I can't shoot off fireworks on a blog, but I think that on this day where we celebrate all things American, we should take time to reflect on what makes America truly awesome. It has contributed many things to the world. But on this blog, I will only cite one contribution that I think trumps them all. And that is Emma Frost's breasts.

God Bless America
Nuff said!


  1. Happy 4 th of july!
    Can I ask, even though it is a few months away will you be reading and reviewing x-men battle of the atom? I can't wait to read this but would love to see it on your blog!