Friday, July 19, 2013

X-men Supreme Issue 79: The Lotus and the Warrior Part 2 is LIVE!

The past and the present are clashing again in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series and with less than a week before the big premier of the upcoming Wolverine movie. A big threat has emerged in Japan and the X-men are being lured right into it. And a newcomer to X-men Supreme, Betsy Braddock, is already caught up in the conflict. As has often been the case whenever Wolverine's past enters the picture, Weapon X is involved. And as I revealed in the previous issue, the Yashida Clan has ties to Weapon X. The way this all comes together is finally starting to take shape and in the process, I can utilize some of the themes that Frank Miller and Chris Claremont used with Wolverine's story in Japan.

A big theme about Wolverine's past with Japan has to do with the people he grew close to and the emotions built around those people. The most famous is Mariko Yashida. She's a woman who has had a significant influence on Wolverine's life in the comics, even though she was only alive for a brief window. I think she represents a key aspect of what made Japan such a key story for Wolverine's character. And that's what I hope to capture in this issue of X-men Supreme. I once again dig into the past and reveal the emotions that have plagued Wolverine on more than one occassion throughout this fanfiction series. It will set the stage for a confrontation that will lead to another painful revelation. That revelation will have a serious impact on Wolverine's present as well as his past. And that revelation begins with this new issue.

X-men Supreme Issue 79: The Lotus and the Warrior Part 2

In addition to this new issue, I also have another update for the pics section. And this time, it comes in the form of another commission by my good friend, Brian Brinlee. Once again, he has submitted another beautiful piece that brings a major scene from the X-men Supreme fanfiction series to life. And in this one, he takes on the first appearance of Exodus, who made his X-men Supreme debut in X-men Supreme Issue 35: War Crimes. As always, I deeply appreciate Mr. Brinlee for his work and if anyone else is interested in submitting artwork for X-men Supreme, please contact me and we'll discuss the details.

X-men Supreme Official Panels

I'm planning some big things for Wolverine in wake of the upcoming movie. I've made sure that this arc will do more than just tell a story about his past. It will have significant implications for the future of Wolverine and the X-men Supreme fanfiction series as a whole. There are a lot of conflicts that tie the past and the present together in the history of X-men. I do want to capture that in the pages of X-men Supreme. And to make sure I'm doing a decent job, it's vital that everyone take the time to provide feedback. Please post your comments directly in each issue or contact me at any time. I'm always happy to listen to feedback or just discuss X-men in general. Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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