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X-men Supreme Issue 80: The Lotus and the Warrior PREVIEW!

It's a big day for Marvel, Wolverine, and the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Today, Marvel Comics and X-men fans everywhere celebrate the release of The Wolverine. It's a movie that one of the most iconic stories in the history of Wolverine, namely the story told by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont about Wolverine's life in Japan, and brings it to life. However, history has shown that the X-men movies are not always good about adapting iconic X-men stories. I could create a whole new website centered completely around pointing out all the things that are wrong with the X-men movies andWolverine's characterization. But I'm not going to. Instead, I'm going to tell his story here in the pages of the X-men Supreme fanfiction series.

So far, Wolverine has already learned a number of distressing revelations in his visit to Japan with the rest of the X-men. He and the X-men were attacked immediately after they landed, but like other stories in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, his faded memories caught up with him. This time the memories were so vivid that he actually remembered that he was fluent in Japanese. It allowed him to learn that the Yashida Clan, an organization that has always had close ties to and Wolverine's through numerous incarnations of X-men, is pursuing Weapon X technology again. Their endgame isn't clear, but an encounter with the deadly Lady Deathstrike shows that this conflict has deadly implications. And unlike the X-men movies, I intend to make these resolution very satisfying.

So far, two issues of The Lotus and the Warrior arc have been released. Only one issue is left and it's only fitting that I will be releasing it in wake of the Wolverine movie. Again, this is not a coincidence. I always intended to write a story about Wolverine and Japan in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I felt it was fitting to tie it in with the movie. But unlike every X-men movie made to date, this arc isn't just about Wolverine. There are other stories following other X-men, including the story of Betsy Braddock, who has made her X-men Supreme debut in this arc. And after the final chapter, her life and Wolverine's life will never be the same! As always, I've prepared an extended preview of the next and final issue to The Lotus and the Warrior arc.

As soon as this psychic procedure began, Betsy’s whole body reacted. Sparks flew into her bio tank and the wires going into her head crackled with energy. This sudden surge caused her whole face to tense. It looked like she was in sheer agony. The bruises on her face started festering and actually grew under the strain. It was not a pretty sight. At one point Betsy’s eyes shot open and she screamed within the tank.


When Matsu’o heard this, he finally turned around. What he saw was horrific. Betsy looked like she was being burned alive. Kwannon didn’t look much better, her body contorting more violently with each passing second. It was unbearable to watch. His daughter and his goddaughter were suffering and it was all because of him.

“Damn it, Harada! You’re killing them!” exclaimed Matsu’o, “Stop this right now!”

“Calm yourself, Matsu’o. That isn’t a request!” said Harada firmly, “The procedure is working.”

“You call this working?!” he exclaimed.

“Like I said, it’s bound to get messy.”

Matsu’o was filled with dread, now unable to tear his eyes away from Kwannon and Betsy. More sparks flew and a few small fires erupted near the servers. Engineers scrambled to put them out while technicians struggled to keep the lights from flickering. It was hard to tell if either woman was healing. Even if they were, the pain they suffering was apparent.

While his Yashida associates looked worried, Harada saw before him a glorious moment. Their clan was about to obtain the ultimate weapons program. HThis was going to work. His family legacy was about to be realized.

‘It’s exactly as my uncle described it. Agony with a touch of beauty. Oh if Kenji Oyama were alive today, he would be proud! It’s a shame he and the rest of his family had to die. Yet through his disgrace, the honor of the Yashidas shall be restored!’

The experiment appeared to finally be settling. Betsy and Kwannon were still in a world of pain, but the Yashida science team had it under control. The data was coming in and it looked promising. It looked like they were going to get their weapon.

“Just little bit longer, brothers!” urged the chief scientist, “We’re almost finished!”

With so much focus on the experiment, Harada and his acolytes didn’t notice some unusual activity unfolding in the rafters above the test area. On nearly every walkway overlooking the central area, legions of Yashida ninjas kept a close watch. They were to act as security throughout this experiment and Harada made it clear that he would accept no interruptions. Unfortunately for them, there was only so much they could observe.

On the third level rafter, three ninjas watched the scene below unfold. It was quite a spectacle, watching the scientists scramble to keep everything together. They were so drawn to the sight they didn’t notice two figures literally emerging from the walls behind them. One was Shadowcat and the other was Gambit. Using Shadowcat’s phasing powers, they made their way through the walls and into the perfect position.

“Mind if Remy does the honors, petite?” whispered Gambit.

“By all means,” said Shadowcat politely.

The ninjas didn’t hear them because of the noise. They only noticed when they heard footsteps behind them.

“What the?!”

“Bonjure to you too,” grinned Gambit.

Before their reflexes took hold, Gambit took out two of the ninjas with his bow staff. One was slugged across the face with the metal tip while the other was jammed in the stomach, causing him to keel over so the Canjun to finish him off with an uppercut. The three other ninjas present attempted to counter. They reached for their katanas, but they didn’t have a chance to draw them. Shadowcat came in, dropping one of them with a roundhouse kick and another with a kick to the knee and a punch to the face. The last one got his katana out, only to have it knocked out of his hand by Gambit’s bow staff. He was then taken down by a kick to the gut.

With the five ninjas down, Shadowcat and Gambit had their window. They saw there were saw plenty more ninjas to deal with.

“Whew! These Yakuza be invitin’ everyone to the party!” commented Gambit.

“Although it looks like some didn’t RSVP,” said Shadowcat as she gazed anxiously at the two subjects in the bio tanks, “This is some plan. We’re outnumbered and surrounded.”

“No worries, petite,” he grinned confidently as he took out a fresh deck of cards, “This always be Gambit’s my favorite part!”

Taking three cards in each hand, Gambit charged each one of them so that they were glowing brightly. With skill honed from years of thieving, he threw each card at one of the light fixtures hanging overhead the main text area. When they exploded, they filled the area with a deafening bang and took the lights out with them. Within seconds the whole test area was covered in darkness, the only light now coming from glow of the two bio tanks.

“The lights! Somebody get the lights!” exclaimed one of the chief scientists.

“What happened?! Were they overloaded?” said one of the technicians.

“No…they weren’t,” said Harada Yashida grimly.

While the Yashida science team scrambled, Harada and his Yashida associates went into full alert. Some were already trying to escape while others were looking to their leader for answers.

“What is going on, Harada?” said one of the leaders.

“Is it not obvious? We have intruders!” he replied, drawing his decorated samurai sword.

“Intruders?!” exclaimed Matsu’o, “You told me you were prepared!”

“On the contrary, Matsu’o. I anticipated this. Weapon X isn’t just about reclaiming my family’s legacy. It’s about confronting old enemies. If I’m not mistaken, one should be close by!”

Matsu’o was in a panic and so were the rest of the Yashida elites. Apparently, they weren’t as prepared as Harada. Not being an elite, he was shoved back into the glass barrier while others made their escape. All the while, Harada remained remarkably calm. Gripping his sword, he held it up and used his powers to infuse it with energy. This also created a brilliant light that helped illuminate the area.

“I know you’re out there!” he demanded, “You ran away in shame! Now face me with honor!”

Almost immediately, Harada got a response. In the wall behind him, there was an ominous snikt. Two sets of claws drove through the wall, surprising a few Yashida elites and ninjas who had been nearby. In a swift slash the wall crumbled and a figure all too familiar to the Yashida Clan entered.

“Shiroi Akuma!” said one of the Yashida elites with dread.

“That’s Wolverine to you, bub!” he snarled.

And in the spirit of the Wolverine movie, I think it's only fitting that I throw in another update to the pics section. In the movies, one of Wolverine's most important relationships was the one he had with Jean Grey. Granted, that relationship was horribly done and mismanaged. But in X-men Supreme and in the comics, that relationship is special. As such, I've added in a few pictures to the Wolverine and Jean Grey X-Couples section. Enjoy!

Wolverine and Jean Grey Pics

There are a lot of major upheavals in store for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, but it's rare that I can schedule those upheavals with the release of a major X-men movie. I may not be a fan of these movies, but I am a fan of telling compelling stories about these characters. Wolverine is one of the most iconic comic book characters in history for a reason and I think his story in Japan is a big part of that. I hope to do it justice with X-men Supreme. And because of that intent, it's very important that everyone take the time to provide feedback about my work with X-men Supreme thus far. If you wish to chat with me, please contact me at any time. Until next time, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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