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X-men Supreme Issue 86: Cambrian Explosion Part 3 PREVIEW and New Commission

A powerful force has been unleashed within the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. Magneto, in his effort to ensure the superiority of mutants for future generations, has once again tampered with powers that he does not fully understand. Now he has awakened the Cambrian from its 500 million year slumber and the entire world is at risk. It’s the kind of threat that promises to do much more than destroy and already vulnerable world. It has the potential to change the nature of the X-men’s struggle and the very essence of Professor Charles Xavier’s dream.

Right now, Marvel Comics is in the process of shaking up the status quo in X-men with its Battle of the Atom event. This event is meant to both celebrate the X-men’s 50th anniversary while crafting an event that will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of the team. While Marvel is getting multiple eras of X-men and multiple timelines involved, the event in X-men Supreme will take place completely in the present. There’s no need for something like the Cambrian to affect different timelines. What it does in this fanfiction series will have a profound impact on the past, present, and future of the X-men.

So far, the Cambrian has taken over Magneto and many other mutants. It has also turned Genosha into a host of sorts, using it as a means to spread its influence to every mutant on the planet. There’s nowhere in the world that humans and mutants can hide from this thing. The X-men have already found that out the hard way and many other mutants are about to find that out as well. For the X-men’s 50th anniversary, I’m trying to get as many characters involved as possible with this event. It’s only fitting for this fanfiction series and the X-men as a whole. I hope readers agree and I’ve prepared a preview that should offer a hint at to just how dangerous the Cambrian is.

“Jeez, it’s like a Tim Burton movie out there!” he said breathlessly, “Humans are going crazy and the mutants are going crazier! We haven’t even begun to train for this sort of thing!”

“Skip the dire assessment and tell me you’re here for a reason!” said Captain Freeman.

“I am! The General says he needs you back at the Pentagon! We can’t go topside, but he says we should be able to get you there via SWAT van!”

“You don’t seem to share his confidence.”

“Let’s just say I doubt the General has been outside,” replied the officer, “Now hurry up and follow me! We’ve got a transport set up in the downstairs garage!”

Captain Freeman didn’t agree with this move, but an order was an order. The General must be getting desperate. He better have a plan because everyone seemed to be losing hope.

The officer quickly unlocked the cell to let Jack out while the MPs kept their guns pointed at Toad to keep him in. Captain Freeman was about to follow the officer when he noticed something on his shoe.

“Wait…you said you just came from outside?” said Captain Freeman.

“No, I’ve been napping in my office! Of course I’ve been outside!” spat the officer, “Now let’s go!”

“Hold on! If you came from outside then please tell me you went through some kind of decontamination procedure!”

The officer paled. He was in such a rush he didn’t even stop to check to see if he unwittingly brought in any of the brown globs from outside. He did a quick check of his shoes, but as soon as he lifted his left foot a small hunk of brownish mud shot up.

“GET BACK!” yelled Captain Freeman, literally shoving the officer across the room.

“Seal the chamber! Lock this whole area down!” yelled one of the MPs.

But it was too late. The goo was flying through the air. It was heading straight for Captain Freeman. Using the reflexes of a Green Beret, he ducked out of the way. It ended up hitting the ceiling before flying back down, still swarming as if it was attracted to Captain Freeman.

While he was avoiding the glob, the MPs tried to keep Toad inside his cell. In their momentary confusion, Toad shot up from his seat used his powerful legs to kick open the door. He then saw the flying goo heading for Captain Freeman again. He looked ready to dodge it, but this time he wouldn’t have to.

“Come to Uncle Toad!” he grinned.

Using his elongated tongue, he caught the glob of the Cambrian right on the sticky tip. It tasted surprisingly good as Toad instinctively pulled it in. Surprised and disgusted on a whole new level, Captain Freeman looked on horror.

“You sick little shit! What the hell did you just do?!” yelled Captain Freeman.

“What does it look like? I’m joining the party!” Toad grinned.

Jack, the officer, and the MPs watched the once lanky and underwhelming mutant shifted into a terrifying new version of Toad. His amphibious skin became scaly and muscular while the veins in his face and arms thickened and throbbed with newfound strength. Within seconds he was nearly three times his previous size, his hair was longer, and his body looked like a powerhouse of muscle. In addition he had some mysterious yellow goo dripping from his mouth.

“Oh hell no…” groaned Captain Freeman.

“Oh yeah! I’m LOVING this!”

Flexing his new muscle, the hulking Toad let out a monstrous roar as he attacked. The MPs and the officer didn’t stand a chance. Two of the MPs were maimed by some powerful punches and the officer was choked to death by his longer, stronger tongue. If the choking didn’t kill him, that yellow goo sure did. It proved to be deadly poison, literally burning his flesh off his body. This left Captain Freeman as the only one left standing against this powerful new Toad.

“Evolving kicks ass! Wanna join in, Captain?”

“You sound way too proud of yourself, Toad! If you’re going to eat that shit, you’re going to have to take it as well!” grunted Captain Freeman.

“Go ahead and try! You’ll keep me amused until the final act!’

“What final act?!”

“You’ll find out! Every mutant in the planet will be part of it! Including you!”

In addition, I also have another update for the pics section. My good friend, Brian Brinlee, has submitted another wonderful piece to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. This one takes place in X-men Supreme Issue 36: Deadpool Part 1 and depicts a very memorable moment between Deadpool and Nightcrawler's girlfriend, Amanda Sefton. As always, I sincerely thank Mr. Brinlee for his efforts. This new piece along with plenty of other moments from the X-men Supreme fanfiction series can be viewed in the pic section.

X-men Supreme Official Panels

Celebrating the X-men’s 50th anniversary is a daunting challenge and I’m sure the people at Marvel felt the same way. With the X-men Supreme fanfiction series, I try to share that feeling. I still treat X-men Supreme as if it were something Marvel has commissioned. As such, I try to maintain a high standard for the stories and the characters that beloved by so many. But I can only maintain that standard if people are generous enough to provide feedback to let me know I’m doing this right. So please take the time to contact me and tell me what you think about X-men Supreme. I’m always willing to listen and chat. Thank you very much to everyone who has supported this fanfiction series. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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