Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CBR X-POSITION: The X-Editors Answer One of My Questions

It has been a while since I was sober enough to submit some questions to CBR's weekly X-POSITION column. Don't get me wrong. I've had my share of questions and I read X-POSITION as regularly as I take a shit after eating an extra large spicy burrito from Taco Bell. And even when I submit questions, the decision to have them answered is at the mercy of the fine folks at CBR who are probably responsible enough to do most of their writing sober. But after a long period of time I just can't measure due to blackouts, one of my questions got asked and answered in a column featuring the editors to the X-books. Like seeing a puppy take a shit in the yard of that annoying neighbor who never mows their lawn, it's one of those little pleasures that make life more enjoyable.

MarvelMaster616 has a quick question about the relationship status of the X-Men.
Between what happened with Jean Grey and Beast and what might happen between Cyclops and X-23, what can you say about the future of the Cyclops/Jean relationship? Is Marvel looking to do to them what was also done to the Peter/Mary Jane relationship in Spider-Man?

White: Mary Jane? You mean Peter's former live-in girlfriend who he totally never married? 

Lowe: WONH WONH. The only thing Brian [Michael Bendis], Stuart [Immonen] and the rest of the "All-New X-Men" creators are trying to do is tell interesting stories that will take you all by surprise and get you talking and shocked and such.

That's not much of an answer. In fact, it's a dodge that's almost on the same level as Mitt Romney. My concerns are neither eased or worsened. Marvel's recent track record of just surprising and shocking fans is usually just code for pissing fans off. Because for reasons that I still don't understand, pissed off fans still buy these comics. It happened with Superior Spider-Man and I don't doubt it'll happen with the X-men comics. But at some point, pissed off fans have to get too pissed off about being pissed off. At least I hope that's what happens. I'm okay with being shocked and surprised. But if I want to get pissed off, I'll re-watch the Soprano's finale. I don't need to feel that in my comics. So whatever shocking and surprising shit Marvel has in store, I hope they're smart enough to do it for the right reasons in the right way.

This could be so right and so wrong in so many ways.
I know that's wishful thinking, especially for a drunk. I can only take comfort in the knowledge that Marvel never likes to fuck shit up too much before reverting it back to a certain status quo. A quick fix is just a deal with Mephisto away. Nuff said!


  1. Not with me. It took them a while, but I'm pretty thorougly alienated at this point. I've dropped Marvel entirely twice now, only to be lured back in by a promised crossover shaking up the status quo (First AvX, now Battle for the Atom). While the latter has been surprisingly good up till very recently, it's going to take an EPIC finale to convince me that it's not just going to be more pointless "twists" that ultimately amount to nothing but a stalling action. Basically, the entire comics industry has decided to base themselves off "Lost", only without the richly nuanced characters that kept the show afloat after the Mystery Box had long outstayed it's welcome.

    But tomorrow will tell if the X-franchis holds any promise left for me.

    1. No offense, but all this says from the guy who chose Nate Grey as his picture. You may think you're dropping Marvel, but you still follow what's going on, even if it sort of kills you inside because you know you don't like whats going on, but with all the knowledge you know you cant bare to look away and drop it.

    2. it's funny you mention "Lost". haven't there been a few influential X- writers who came from that show?

    3. Only because I like Bendis, and I kept All-New and Uncanny as my two remaining titles, out of curiosity to see what he'd do. I actually liked his run on Avengers for the most part. I was vaguely hoping he could undo the damage the Post-Morrison writers have wrought upon the franchise.

  2. I hear ya dude. Pretty messed up how they dodged your question like that. I've seen that more than a few times. An serious, interested fan asks a question that, if replied to properly, could benefit everyone who takes the time to read the answer. Instead, the editor/writer/artist/whomever just laughs it off, takes their 200$ a page, and keeps churning out crap to "surprise" you.