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X-men Supreme Issue #85: Cambrian Explosion Part 2 PREVIEW and Pic Updates

The X-men have faced some pretty major threats in their 50-year history. They’ve faced more than their share of threats in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series as well. But the enemies they deal with are often unique. It isn’t just human bigotry, mutant tyrants, mad geneticists, or mutant-hunting robots. Sometimes, the X-men have to go up against the very forces of nature. This has already manifested in X-men Supreme. During the Phoenix Saga, the X-men had to go up against the very forces of creation in dealing with the Phoenix Force. Now in the biggest event to date for the X-men Supreme fanficition series, they’ll have to deal with the forces of evolution.

The X-men and the very concept of mutants has always been influenced by evolution. It’s a concept that most people only have a marginal understanding about. Some fear it the same way they fear change. X-men Supreme has seen the mutant conflict evolve. Now Magneto is seeking to take that evolution to an extreme and dangerous level that will affect every human and mutant on the planet. For the X-men’s big 50th anniversary event, I wanted a unique yet powerful threat and that threat will manifest as the Cambrian Explosion arc continues to unfold.

When I started thinking about how I was going to approach the X-men’s 50th event, I was tempted to simply utilize another famous story from the X-men mythos and give it and X-men Supreme twist. Instead, I hope to do something unique with the Cambrian Explosion. Throughout the history of the X-men comics, Magneto has tampered with powerful forces that he neither fully understands nor can hope to control. For this arc, he is going to tap into a powerful that he believes will ensure mutant dominance. That power will bring about significant changes and consequences to the X-men Supreme fanfiction series and very soon, the X-men will have an idea of just what they’re up against. As such, I’ve prepared a preview here to offer a hint at what is about to be unleashed upon the world of X-men Supreme.

“This must be it! It has to be!” he grunted through his strain.

Despite growing fatigue, Magneto lifted the metal spike out through the vast hole in the ground. Since it was so deep, it took a few minutes to get it all the way out. Once it was retrieved, he shoved it to the side. The terrain still seemed a bit unstable with cracks still lining the nearby area. Some of the rocks were still red hot from all the friction, but Magneto was ready to take the heat. He made sure his suit had some cooling equipment beforehand and his magnetic shield should also protect him.

Now brimming with anticipation, the master of magnetism plunged into the newly formed hole. Within minutes it was pitch black. In order to see he took out some special flash lanterns he made just for this journey. They were extra bright so he could see ahead of him. For what felt like hours, there was nothing but blackness. Then he reached the end and saw what appeared to be the entrance to a dome-shaped chamber.

‘Hmm…this is a peculiar formation. It almost looks like a cocoon. Perhaps when it was trapped, it created a shell of sorts. It doesn’t look too difficult to pierce.’

For a moment he hovered over the structure. The air was dense, making it hard to breath. He shouldn’t have to stay much longer. Holding the light steady, Magneto ran his hand over the shell. It looked just like the sample of Cambrian he gave Quentin Quire. It had a rough brownish texture with streaks of metal slivers. Under the flash lantern, the rock had the appearance of liquid mercury. He also felt a distinct warmth coming from it. This wasn’t the heat of the surrounding rocks. This was the heat of life. As he touched it, he could almost sense a presence in his mind.


“Amazing!” gasped Magneto, “Could the Cambrian be telepathic?”

A fury of questions ran though his mind. He spent a lifetime speculating on the nature of this entity. Now he was about to come face-to-face with it.

“So many possibilities…only one way to know for sure!”

Magneto moved the flash lantern further away so he had room to work. Despite his lingering fatigue, he channeled the surrounding magnetic forces into one more powerful burst. As soon as it hit the shell, the mysterious structure began to crack. However, it didn’t fracture like normal rock. As soon as it was pierced, the silvery slithers of the rock started giving off their own light.

“Yes…awaken Cambrian!” proclaimed Magneto.

In a mysterious display the shell literally slithered away as if it were the skin of a snake, revealing a dark yet perfectly circular entrance into the cocoon. At first there was no sign of activity. Magneto maneuvered the flash lantern so he could get a closer look. From deep within the cavern, he heard a strange hissing sound.

“Are…are you trying to speak?” he said, not sure if he could even communicate with this thing, “Let me help you! I can show you the way out!”

Magneto hovered closer to the opening. The mysterious warmth intensified. He was definitely near something that was alive. This thing may not be human, but it definitely had a presence. Holding the flash lantern steady, he carefully peered into hole.

Suddenly, a mysterious globular mass emerged from the darkness. From this mass, an oversized eye formed and stared him down with a gaze struck even the master of magnetism. Just as the old holocaust survivor was overcome with shock, the globular mass shape shifted and took on a new form. It seemed to mimic his humanoid appearance. From this shape it reached out through the hole with a powerful hand. Magneto instinctively fell back and tried to avoid it, but this globular arm grabbed him and almost immediately a powerful new influence came over him.

“Augh! What the…”

“Evolve…or DIE!”

With a firm grip on the master of magnetism, the blob pulled Magneto and the flash lantern into the hole. There was nothing he could do to escape. Within moments, the globular mass completely consumed him and every fiber of his being was overrun by this mysterious entity.


“Life…seeking…destroying…creating. Must…evolve. Must...grow.”

And in the spirit of X-men Supreme's big event, I also have another update to the pics section. It's only fitting that I add in a few extras during the X-men's 50th anniversary. I like to think of it as variant covers. This time, I've added in some updates for Kitty Pryde and Phoenix. And please remember that I'm always open to anyone who wishes to submit or commission additional pics.

Shadowcat Pics

Phoenix Pics

Marvel comics has promised sweeping changes for its X-men Battle of the Atom event. It’s only fitting that I offer the same for the Cambrian Explosion. The very concept of evolution requires change, selection, and extinction. It’s a concept that is frequently reflected in X-men and will certainly be reflected in the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I will work hard to ensure that this event is worthy of the X-men’s 50th anniversary milestone. And in order to do that, every bit of feedback and support helps. So please remember to voice your support for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series by either posting a review of each issue or contacting me directly. I’m always open to chat about my work or X-men in general. Thanks to all those who have been supporting X-men Supreme thus far and I hope it continues as this fanfiction series continues to unfold. Until next time, take care and best wishes. Excelsior!


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