Thursday, October 3, 2013

X-men #6 PREVIEW - Rachel Grey Will (Finally) Kick Some Ass

One time, I got drunk and passed out at some bar I can't remember in some city that I forgot. When I woke up, I had a big dick drawn on my face in permanent marker and a message that read, "I have a tiny penis," on my forehead. But I didn't know it and was too hung over to look in a mirror before I went out in public. Needless to say, I got a lot of strange looks and couldn't figure out why. Clearly, there was something there that I didn't understand, yet was blatantly obvious to everyone else. The moral of that story is never put drunks and permanent markers in the same zip code. Also, when shit is so blatantly obvious, it makes ignoring it pretty damn stupid.

Given the scale and breadth of the X-men comics, I understand that it's impossible to cover every detail. I don't read comics expecting that in the same way I don't go into a strip club assuming that every stripper gives a lap dance for five bucks. But one major detail that bothered me and whole lot of other fans was the absence of Rachel Grey in pretty much every fucking X-men story after Avengers vs. X-men. After what happened to Emma Frost and Professor Xavier, she is basically the most powerful psychic on the planet. Yet she was more absent than a competent judge at Lindsey Lohan's last DUI. Hell, it wasn't until All New X-men #15 that she actually found out that her time displaced mother was back. And she didn't say a fucking word to her.

Well X-men Battle of the Atom has gotten many characters involved and thankfully, Rachel Grey has done more than just twiddle her thumbs and fulfill Marvel's obligatory redhead quota. But she still hasn't really had a chance to sit down with O5 Jean Grey and have a time displaced mother-to-daughter moment. Even for those who hate Rachel Grey and think Jean should still be feeding worms, it's impossible to deny that them avoiding each other makes no fucking sense. And after the recent events in X-men Battle of the Atom, it looks like she may have a chance to help O5 Jean and the others in a big way. And the preview for X-men #6, promises more than just an awkward moment in a hallway after a shower.

Now this could still end up with Rachel and Jean avoiding each other like Sarah Palin at a natural history museum, but at the very least Rachel Grey will be in a position to kick some ass.

I've always had a soft spot for Rachel Grey and not just because she's another pretty redhead with a nice ass. She's the fucking daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey. She has badass X-men material coursing through her veins. For her to be MIA after Avengers vs. X-men only to play a secondary role in Brian Wood's X-men when it came out is a pretty fucked up oversight. It's like going to an AC/DC concert without beer. It just makes no fucking sense. Hopefully, Rachel Grey will finally do something worthy of her heritage and the timing couldn't be better with Battle of the Atom. I'll certainly be keeping my eye on her and not just because my penis wants to. Nuff said!

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