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X-men Supreme Issue 84: Cambrian Part 1 PREVIEW!

It's a very special time for X-men. Marvel is celebrating the X-men's 50th anniversary with X-men Battle of the Atom, which promises to be a significant turning point for the series. As such, it's only fitting that I prepare a similar event for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. I've already had some pretty significant events throughout the course of X-men Supreme. Events like Overlord, the Phoenix Saga, and Uprising were all significant moments that had a profound impact on the course of X-men Supreme. Well now another big event is set to begin and make no mistake, it'll have a profound impact on the immediate and distant future of this fanfiction series. And I call this event Cambrian.

If the name of the event sounds unfamiliar, it should. This is not an event that I've derived from a major X-men story in the comics. It isn't a remake or retelling of a classic X-men story. This is an event that can't be found anywhere else besides X-men Supreme. That in and of itself makes it both special and ambitious. One of the challenges I've had with X-men Supreme is balancing out novel concepts with more familiar stories that X-men fans know and love. Stories like Overlord and the Phoenix Saga were both derived from existing X-men stories. But this is one story that I hope will help set the X-men Supreme fanfiction series apart from the comics, cartoons, and movies. Now there will always be a place for X-men stories derived from the classic comics, but this event will be something unique that I hope will be worthy of the X-men's 50th anniversary.

Like so many other major events throughout the history of the X-men, Cambrian is directly the result of a bold plan by Magneto. He has kept a fairly low profile since the events of Kings and Tyrants. He is still the undisputed leader of Genosha and a major concern for every country in the world. But he has never stopped plotting. He has always had plans for the mutant race, but the events of Issue 75: Renegade changed the stakes. In that issue, Captain Jack Freeman attacked his Citadel on Genosha and stole Magneto's helmet. His family, his home, and his country were suddenly vulnerable. Now he is willing to take a huge risk to protect the future of the mutant race. The consequences of that risk will have global implications and the world of X-men Supreme will never be the same. And it all begins in a week! I've prepared an extended preview of what can be expected of this pivotal event in the history of X-men Supreme.

Quentin looked at Magneto strangely. The Master of Magnetism reached into his pocket and pulled out a small test-tube that was heavily sealed. Inside was a brownish, silvery substance that Quentin had never seen before. It was hard to tell, but it looked like it was moving. Whatever it was, Magneto held it up carefully.

“This is what you are looking for,” said the master of magnetism, “Or more accurately, you’re looking for the rest of this unique organism.”

“That’s it?” scoffed Quentin, “You want me to find some big hunk of pond scum?”

“I assure you this is not mere scum. It is the key to the salvation of the mutant race!” said Magneto sternly, “Now cease your mockery and look closer at this vile! You’ll sense it is very much alive.”

Quentin was still skeptical, but Magneto’s stern tone made him think twice about questioning him. He placed his hand on the glass vile and scanned the mysterious substance. To his amazement, Magneto was right. This thing was alive. When he used his telepathy to scan it, he saw it shake violently. It even started glowing. For such a small sliver, it had quite the signature.

“Whoa…I must be slipping or something. I could swear there’s actually a mind in this stuff!” said Quentin.

“Oh it has a mind, Mr. Quire…one very different from what you’re used to,” said Magneto as he pulled the vial away, “This is but a small trace. I theorize that there is a much bigger mind wherever the rest of this organism is residing. That is what I need you to find. Locate the mind and I’ll do the rest.”

“It would be an honor and a welcome challenge!” said Quentin as he eagerly made his way to the Cerebro chair, “Strap me in and beam me up! I’m officially curious about what this mind has to offer!”

Quentin couldn’t get himself ready fast enough. Magneto welcomed his enthusiasm, if only to speed up the process. Using his magnetic powers, he locked Quentin into a specially designed chair with various tubes and wires going into. On top was the special helmet that acted as the main interface for the system. It worked just like the one Charles Xavier used, but he never used it like this.

As soon as Quentin was strapped in, Magneto activated the systems on a nearby computer console and stepped back. The helmet lowered itself onto Quentin’s head and various lights and monitors came to life. By the time he was behind the glass barrier with the rest of the Brotherhood, all systems were powered up and ready for the scan. A holographic map of the world was projected onto a nearby screen, offering an unabated view of all the possible locations of this organism.

“The scan can begin in ten seconds, Quentin,” announced Magneto, “Remember the signature from the sample. Once you find it, get a solid fix on it and the location will show up on the map.”

“Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes!” grinned Quentin, “A mind like this should definitely stand out.”

Magneto waited impatiently as the countdown began. The rest of the Brotherhood watched eagerly, not knowing what to expect.

“This is what he’s been after all this time?” mused Polaris, “What could he possibly do with some exotic hunk of goo?”

“You’re his daughter, Lorna. If you don’t know, then none of us know,” said Havok, “I’ve always been a what-the-hell kind of guy. He says it’ll do something for our kind. I say we take the ride.”

“Wish I had your thrill-seeking attitude, Alex,” she sighed.

Polaris wasn’t the only one showing some nervousness. Wanda and Pietro also had their reservations. Being kept out of the loop was an unfamiliar feeling. Usually, their father shared everything with them. They could understand being extra careful with the X-men and all the navies of the world bearing down on them, but it didn’t make them feel less anxious.

“We’re almost finished, my children,” he assured them, sensing their demeanor, “I promise it will all make sense very soon.”

“I would feel a lot better if I knew the risks we’re dealing with here. You know how I am when it comes to taking chances,” said Wanda.

“Oh come now, Wanda. You know I’m never one to play the odds when they aren’t in my favor,” said the Master of Magnetism as he watched Quentin prepare himself, “I’ve taken all the necessary precautions. There will be no confrontations this time. This affair will be swift and clean.”

“Sounds boring,” commented Pietro, “Since when do we shy away from a fight?”

“We’re not backing down from any fight, my son. We’re just fighting smarter.”

Magneto used his powers from behind the barrier to flip a few more switches. The lights throughout the throne room flickered as the Cerebro components hummed ominously. Within seconds, Quentin Quire was immersed on a new psychic realm. A mysterious blue halo of energy formed around his head as his powers expanded to levels he had never felt before.

“This is awesome!” said Quentin intently, “I wonder if this is how God’s mind feels when he’s feeling out the world he created?”

“You can play around on the psychic plane later, Mr. Quire. Can you find the mental signature of the sample?” asked Magneto impatiently.

“With this thing, I could find the holy grail with half a brain cell!” he boasted, “Give me a few minutes! I’ll find your goo’s mental imprint!”

Quentin’s expression tensed as the grin on his face grew wider. He was clearly enjoying this new power boost, if not a little too much. The monitors showed plenty of activity. Whether or not he was just goofing off was hard to tell, but he was definitely searching for something. Magneto kept a close eye on the map of the globe, watching as various flashing dots appeared across the landscape. After a few seconds the dots became more ordered and focused, narrowing their activity around an area just north of Australia.

“Yes…I sense something. It’s close! It’s powerful!” Quentin seethed, “Ooh, this is too cool! Give me a few more seconds while I…”

Suddenly, every monitor in the room started flashing ominously. The bluish halo hovering over Quentin’s head erupted into a blinding burst of energy. It was so bright Magneto and the Brotherhood had to look away.

“Uh…is this supposed to happen?” asked Pyro.

“No…it isn’t!” said Magneto grimly.

What happened next caught even the Master of Magnetism by surprise. In another round of pulsing light, the wires and tubes going into the helmet literally exploded in a series of miniature bursts. All the monitors started flashing chaotically, engulfing Quentin Quire in a painful wave of shocks. However, when he cried out in pain he didn’t sound like the same 18-year-old boy that first entered.


“Wanda! Cut off all power before…”

This is a very important event for the X-men Supreme fanfiction series. As X-men Supreme has grown, I've taken it in many different directions. I still treat it as though Marvel is looking over my shoulder at every turn and it is my sincere hope that I can create a series that X-men fans of all kinds can view on the same level as the comics or cartoons. To maintain that quality, it's very important that people take the time to review my work and post feedback. Please know that I will always respond to those who contact me. I want to make X-men Supreme the best fanfiction series it can be. And for the X-men's 50th anniversary, I can accept nothing less than awesome. Until next time everybody, take care and best wishes! Excelsior!


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