Monday, September 30, 2013

Trial/Judgment Teasers - A Crossover That MIGHT Not Suck

I usually try not to get too excited about teasers for the same reason I try not to get excited about a trip to the dentist. At least with the dentist there's a slim possibility that I could get a dose of some awesome drugs. Historically, teasers don't hint at much other than more crazy shit is going to happen. But every now and then, I allow myself to become excited for the same reason I allow myself to try new strains of pot. While my brain cells may hate me, the buzz is worth it. So per our good friends at Bleeding Cool, here's a teaser that came out last week that's supposed to be a prelude to a big announcement at the New York Comic Con.

Two teasers for something from Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen.
Trial. Judgment. Is Sentence to follow?
But what is it? Well, back in February, we reported;
One specific plot point that Bendis mentioned, and which sounds like a big deal even to my naive ears, is that Jean Grey is going to be put on trial for war crimes.
“We’re going to introduce a galactic council that’s debating what to do with Earth. Along the line there’s going to be more… including a couple of Badoon leaders we haven’t met before.”
There will be a major crossover with All New X-Men as a result. Alien races are pissed she exists again.
Looks like we have an X-Men/Guardians Of The Galaxy crossover, with The Trial Of Jean Grey. All about Phoenix – or ripping apart the space/time continuum as well? Could Angela be a witness… or the prosecution?

So right after Battle of the Atom, the O5 have to go up against a bunch of aliens and a machine-gun toting Raccoon. Yeah, that sounds about right for the Marvel universe. O5 Jean Grey has already learned how fucked her future is. And now she might have to go on trial for crimes she hasn't even committed yet. That's like me getting a DUI while I'm still in a bar. It sucks, but given that 5 billion aliens died during the Dark Phoenix Saga when Phoenix had cosmic level PMS it's only logical that some aliens would be pissed off. She'll need one hell of a lawyer if this rumor is true and with Johnny Cochran dead, she may be fucked. I guess we'll find out at the New York Comic Con and if I'm sober enough, I'll report on it. Nuff said!


  1. I'm very curious to see how they're going to frame this particular story, who's going to be doing the judging, etc.

    I mean technically the original Phoenix already was put on trial for the DP crimes which turned to a trial by fire that she lost...or forfeited...or however you see it.

  2. There's also a teaser called Sinners. My theory is that it will have something to do with Cyclops or McCoy. Also the future Kid Omega wields the phoenix force, so i doubt it will have something to do with it.

  3. Ugh, god I hope not.

    First off, Jean's died. TWICE.

    Second, this version of her hasn't even committed this crime yet.

    So basically they're going for both Pre-Crime punishment AND Double Jeopardy all in one go. Yeah, no thanks.

  4. "She may be fucked"

    Putting it way too mildly. Need to multiply that by 1000 x the screwness of being a father of 200+ babies you randomly inherited at the same day x nuclear warheads dropped at every minute and marvel zombies attacks at the same time

    hmm. i think that would sum up how much she could get fucked by this potential storyline.

  5. End of Greys... again. This time not written by St. Claremont. I will just trade wait.